QDROs: The Basics

QUALIFIED DOMESTIC RELATIONS ORDERS (QDROs): THE BASICS In most cases, there are retirement plans that must be divided between spouses following divorce. When the retirement plans are employer-sponsored retirement plans, typically a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) is required in order to accomplish the division. Some basic components of QDROs include: 1. Participant: The employee Read More

Division of Retirement Assets

Following a divorce, it is often necessary to divide retirement accounts accumulated, by either spouse, during the marriage. This requires additional work as the division of these accounts is not accomplished with the Judgment of Dissolution or Divorce Decree alone. The most common reason to divide retirement accounts is as part of the ultimate division Read More

Richard J. Eisen – Copresents a Best Selling Course: Complex Assets in Divorce

Richard J. Eisen was recently selected to copresent a CLE course through the National Business Institute which was rated a Best Seller. Recognizing that one of the largest, most complex aspects of divorce is the distribution of assets and debts, Rick utilized and shared his legal and financial expertise to help other attorneys navigate through the process.  Read More

Mathew G. Eilerts Completes Year as President of the St. Louis County Bar Association

In February 2014, Mathew (“Mat”) G. Eilerts steps down after serving a successful year as president of the 800-member St. Louis County Bar Association. Eilerts, a partner at Growe Eisen Karlen, previously served on the bar association’s executive board for eight years. “My desire as president was to support and promote the St. Louis County Read More