St. Louis Class Action Attorneys

Class Action lawsuits allow large numbers of people to receive compensation for the losses they have suffered as the result of a common circumstance. Class actions have been filed in response to defective products, toxic torts, antitrust law, securities law fraud, consumer fraud, overcharges by financial institutions, defective medical devices, dangerous drugs, wage and hour claims and a many other causes of action.

In many cases, injuries to one individual are small, such that it would not make financial sense for an individual to bring a lawsuit. Without class actions, the cost of filing an individual claim would prevent people who have been wronged from recovering anything, and would allow wrongdoers to escape any liability.

Class actions can take years to litigate, and often involve complex issues relating to biology, chemistry, pharmaceuticals, economics, accounting and securities. Our attorneys have backgrounds in all these areas. When large corporations are sued, they hire the best law firms and attorneys to defend their conduct. To litigate against these firms, knowledgeable and respected attorneys are essential. The attorneys at Growe Eisen Karlen Eilerts have consulted on class action cases throughout the country, and have the experience and skills necessary to prosecute cases on behalf of many injured parties.