Family and Domestic Practice

Growe Eisen Karlen Eilerts brings together over 70 years of experience, knowledge and reputation to handle some of the most delicate and complicated legal matters related to child custody, dissolution of marriage and support issues. We have represented individuals in thousands of domestic related cases throughout St. Louis and surrounding counties (including Illinois).

We are well versed in family law, including cases dealing with:

  • Divorce (complex, contested, uncontested, collaborative or mediated)
  • High Net Worth Divorce
  • Separations
  • Annulments
  • Post Divorce Modifications
  • Prenuptial/Postnuptial Agreements
  • Spousal Support/Alimony
  • Asset Protection
  • Hidden Assets and Marital Fraud
  • Child Support and Custody/Modifications
  • Relocation
  • Domestic Abuse and Family Violence
  • Guardianship
  • Minor Emancipation
  • Visitation
  • Paternity Actions
  • Father’s Rights
  • Restraining Orders
  • Adoption

Even under the best circumstances divorce and domestic issues are never easy. Contested and complex matters can be an unyielding and exhausting process. When making such an important decision you want to have fierce and yet compassionate lawyers in your corner. We have been practicing divorce law for a long time and with that comes the experience to know how to not only get the best results for our clients, but to get there without unnecessary time, expense and conflict.

Whether you need an attorney to file for divorce, have a paternity order in place or want to modify a former judgment you will have some of the most creative and vigorous advocates working for you and your childrens’ interests.