Patrick and Linda McMahon v. Odesco Industrial Services and Matthew J. Yong ($2.3 Million)

Overview: $2.3 million settlement of a claim brought against an industrial cleaning company as a result of a motor vehicle collision killing the sixteen (16) year old son of the Plaintiffs. The attorneys at Growe Eisen Karlen secured testimony from key witnesses and experts which confirmed that the driver of the Odesco truck was under Read More

Sean Hagan v. The Green Group, LLC ($500,000)

Overview: A Five Hundred Thousand Dollar ($500,000.00) settlement was obtained on behalf of the client who was injured when the Defendant’s vehicle crossed the center lane of Highway DD in St. Charles County. There was an issue as to whether Plaintiff or the Defendant driver crossed the center line, but the lawyers at Growe Eisen Read More

Robert Short v. Barnes-Jewish St. Peters Hospital ($200,000)

Overview: A Two Hundred Thousand Dollar ($200,000.00) settlement was secured for a seventy (70) year old gentleman who fractured his ankle on a fall on ice at the parking lot at Barnes-Jewish St. Peters Hospital. There was initially dispute as to whether the presence of ice and snow on the parking lot caused Plaintiff’s fall, Read More

William Cannon v. Thomas Moore

Overview: A Judgment was secured on behalf of a fifty percent (50%) shareholder in Missouri Corporations. The Plaintiff filed his Petition under a Missouri statute titled “Filing for Discontinuation of Certain Corporations.” The Defendant attempted to argue that a private shareholder agreement trempt the applicability of the statute therefore seeking a ruling that there could Read More